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Mission Matters

Celebrate Year 12

Year 12 students marked their final Religious Education class for the year on Thursday in a moving Liturgy .The gathering was launched with a special message from Mrs Robson-Garth in Peru, accompanied by some of the beautiful images from her pilgrimage to South America.  Ministry Captain, Mia Catalano led the Liturgy where girls added to a cumulative reflection on their Siena experience and College Captains, Antoinette Collins and Hannah Petrowski shared their insights on the 2018 College Theme, 'One Body, Many Parts'.  Teachers offered readings based on this theme and returned letters that the girls had written in one of their first Religious Education classes in February, outlining their hopes and dreams for their final year of school. Heartfelt thanks to Year 12 Catholic Studies teachers and student leaders for assisting in the preparation of this celebration.

Blessing of Immersion Participants

In the Christian tradition it is commonplace to send travellers on their way with the blessing of the community, and so we gathered with the 2018 Indigenous Immersion cohort on 13 September to celebrate the Eucharist together.  At the end of the Eucharist, College Chaplain, Fr Kevin Toomey OP blessed our Immersion participants with the following words:

God of all pilgrims
you walk with us on every step of our journey.
Bless these travellers  
Siena’s participants in the 2018 Indigenous Immersion experience.
May they travel lightly with:
eyes that are open to the beauty around them,
ears that are open to stories of dignity and pain
hearts that are open to signs of hope
minds that are open to new perspectives and insights
and hands that are stretched out in friendship.

May they travel with our prayers, good wishes and trust.
May those that remain behind journey with our travellers
as we gaze nightly on the moon and stars.
May Dominic guide them to share the Good News in their deeds and words.
May Catherine inspire them to be truly at one within themselves.

We ask our good and gracious God to guide and protect each one of you and return you safely
to our community with stories of an ancient people striving for justice and equity, faith, hope and love.

We make this prayer through Christ our Lord.



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