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Languages News

The 2018 Victorian Chinese Language Teachers’ Conference was held at Camberwell Grammar School on 7 - 8 September.  It was at Camberwell Grammar sixty years ago that Chinese language was taught for the first time in Victoria, and actually anywhere outside of China except for some Asian countries.  Chinese has now become the most spoken community language in Victoria and one of the most taught languages in Victorian schools.  

To celebrate this milestone, special guests were invited to the Conference to congratulate the achievements made by Chinese teachers.  Among them were Josh Frydenberg, Deputy Liberal Leader and Treasurer, Mr Zeng Jianhua, Acting Consulate General of the PRC in Melbourne, Dr Fuxin Li, the President of CLTFA, and Mr Jixing Xu, President of CLTAV.

“Learning a language is a window to another culture, a window to tolerance, and a window to friendship,” said Mr Frydenberg.

Dr Jane Orton, the Graduate School of Education, the University of Melbourne talked about “developing quality and sustainable Chinese programs...(these) are not outcomes, but comprehensive strategies”, she explained.  Dr John Tuckfield of Camberwell Grammar has been teaching Chinese for thirty years and said that Australian Government language policy change has shown a shift from the Eurocentric policy to a focus on the Asia-Pacific region. 

The keynote speeches were followed by group discussions on the updated VCE Chinese Study Designs to be implemented next year and beyond.  A high school music band from China and some students from local schools performed traditional and modern Chinese music and dance, which was greatly appreciated by the audience.  


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