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Year 9 Healthy Food by Design

Student Reflection

'As a part of the Year 9 curriculum, we completed a 'Healthy Food by Design' class which included growing vegetables such as silverbeet, coriander, parsley and spring onions. We worked to prepare the soil, plant the seeds and then cared for the plants as they grew.  Unfortunately, our garden bed was located in a rain shadow, meaning the garden bed lacked sunlight and needed a little bit more than was available.  However, it was still an absolute joy to watch our seedlings grow into plants over the course of the subject.

Although our journey was broken up by the Term 3 holidays, we were delighted to see that the garden bed was still in pristine condition when we returned to school in Term 4.  Overall, this project was inspiring and heartwarming as we were able to give back to both the community and the environment. Throughout the subject we gladly devoted a portion of our recesses and lunchtimes to water the garden bed. It was a rewarding experience and I am extremely thankful to have been a part of it.'

Audrey Hawkins 
Year 7

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