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Philosophy Program 2018

According to Socrates, ‘Philosophy begins in wonder’. Do you ever find yourself wondering about those big ethical or philosophical questions? For example, do all creatures have a mind or is everything we see real? Or maybe, how do we know the right action to take or is lying always wrong? Questions such as these have been the focus of debate amongst philosophers for thousands of years. 

Small groups of thoughtful Year 7 and Year 8 students accepted the challenge to consider some of life’s unanswered questions by attending a philosophy program delivered by the Learning Enhancement Department. Each fortnightly session gave students an opportunity to examine some of life’s biggest topics such as perception, beauty, discrimination, art and aesthetics, racism, ethics, truth, forgiveness and identity. They were asked to come with an open mind, to think and share their ideas and to listen without prejudice to the opinions of others. 

In each session, students were asked to respond to some form of stimulus based on the topic being considered. Each student demonstrated an ability to think creatively, to work as part of a team, to examine and consider multiple perspectives of a given topic. It was exciting to watch these young philosophers at work, engaging with ideas that challenged them to think and wonder about their world from new perspectives.

Student Reflections

‘Philosophy this year has taught me to be open and to speak my mind.’
Maliana Tapusoa

‘I loved Philosophy because it gave me the opportunity to challenge my ideas and to think deeply about certain topics.’
Pia Perini

‘I have been exposed to new ideas and thought about things such as beauty and art in ways I never would have before’
Guilia D’Angelo

‘I have loved spending a period each fortnight talking about interesting topics and interpreting them with friends’
Charlotte Ryan 

Participating Year 7 Students: Sophie Barnetson, Lauren Edwards, Charlotte Jennings, Evie Goodale, Sophie Birrell, Justina Flunt, Alyssa Leong, Angelina Rodos, Alessia Tevere, Aurora Neumann, Madeline Castoldi, Angelica Rizk, Yasmin Korfiatis, Ella Castoldi, Alessia Erzetic-Nadalin, Jessica Higgins, Mia Kelly, Kayla Huynh, Sienna Saunders, Amber Wadia, Mia Fenton, Sarah Baxter, Amali Hawkins, Ella Jennings, Bridget Quinn, Jasmine Tubb, Carly Walsh

Particpating Year 8 Students: Bridie Warren, Charlotte Dickson, Mikayla Rollnik, Abbey Harford, Mailiana Tapusoa, Daria Del Tito, Giulia D’Angelo, Amy Barnett, Bita Afshar, Trinity Ng, Gabriella Sakkos, Sarah White, Ella Graham, Pia Perini, Madeleine Quin, Aurelia Tjitji, Charlotte Ryan, Sienna Justus


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