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Mission Matters


All Hallows = All Saints, Feast of All Saints/Hallows,1 November
E’en = Even(ing)
Evening before the Feast of All Hallows = Halloween, 31 October

Before commercialism hijacked this beautiful commemoration many cultures remembered their dead around this time.  It is felt to be when the veil between heaven and earth is at its most fine.

Mass of Remembrance 

One of the obligations of Christians is to pray for the dead. It is also an important part of the Dominican spiritual tradition.  Siena hosts a Mass of Remembrance close to the Church’s celebration of All Souls Day each year.  This year’s Mass will be held in the College Chapel on Thursday, 8 November at 7.30pm.  

Feast of St Martin de Porres (3 November)

A Dominican saint, Martin is the patron of mixed race people, barbers, innkeepers, public health workers and all those seeking racial harmony. Read more about him here.

Year 12 Graduation Eucharist

‘As much as you are a challenge, you are a gift to us too, as you are seeing your life, your family, our society through fresh eyes; you want to claim your independence and that may mean clashing with us, your family and friends – we accept that and promise to be with you in that; you have shown in your way of being here within the College that you are living and claiming some very important values – among them a passion for questions of justice… My personal wish for you is that you continue to allow your inner spiritual selves to grow strong. Look to the Creator, the God who is present to us in Jesus, who, whether we recognize it fully or not, is daily and always at your side, accompanying you at every moment, in the tough and dark times, as well in the good and joyous. Be messengers throughout your life of Siena College’s great motto: VERITAS, TRUTH. You know that this evocative word has stood you in good stead for the past six years. May it continue to be a reason for hope in yourselves and your best reason for living. And may God may go with you in truth, peace and love, throughout the joyous days of your future lives.’
Fr Kevin Toomey OP

Image Captions
Main Image: Mia Catalano, 2018 Ministry Captain
Gallery Image 1: All Saints All Souls
Gallery Image 2: Martin de Porres


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