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From the Principal

As we enjoy this glorious Melbourne autumn weather, Term 2 continues with much to celebrate and some wonderful community events. It was with great pleasure that I joined a group of Siena College staff, Board member and Chair-Elect, Kath McCarthy, alumna Anne Hocking, and thirteen students at the seventh annual Susan Alberti Foundation Mother's Day luncheon.  Held at Leonda by the Yarra, the luncheon is a key fundraising event for the foundation which provides ongoing support for medical research at St Vincent's Institute (SVI).  Importantly, this includes vital financial assistance to female researchers whilst they are on maternity leave so that their work can continue.  This year's guest speaker was Professor Helen Thomas, Head of the Immunology and Diabetes Unit at SVI who spoke of the exciting developments into treatment for those living with Type 1 Diabetes.

Once again we are so proud of our music students who travelled to Generations in Jazz at Mt Gambier last weekend.  The Stage Band, conducted by Ben Nieuwkerk, were the winners for Division 3.2 and Canti Dolce were awarded fifth place in the same division.  Celina Maderski was awarded a place in the Division 3 super band for the second year in a row for her performance on baritone saxophone. Our warm congratulations go to all who participated and our thanks to the Siena College staff who accompanied the students: Kerryn McGillen, Ben Nieuwkerk, Stephanie Hill, Ivan Rosa, Daniel Sheehan and Joshua Bennier. 

Our thanks are extended to the Siena Parents' Association for a wonderful Mothers’ Day Breakfast last week.  The gymnasium was full to capacity as over four hundred guests gathered to enjoy a delicious buffet.  Board member and Siena alumna, Kath McCarthy (Class of 1989), was the guest speaker and her thoughts on the realities of balancing career with family life were engaging and humorous.  An excerpt from Kath's speech follows:

'Of course, being a mother is about bringing a physical life into the world: having a baby.  What we appreciate on Mother's Day is what happens after that.  Not the noun, the FACT of being a mother, instead the VERB of mothering, the nurturing, the shaping and the singing into life of the people entrusted to our care.  Of taking a little person who is for a couple of decades at least, vulnerable and dependant and showing them that amongst the billions of people in the world, you are seen.  You belong.  You are not alone.'

Over the weekend, the College Board and Committees will gather for the annual Board In Service, to focus on a range of matters including a new Business Plan as a precursor to the next Master Plan, reflection on our Mission as a Catholic school in the Dominican tradition and how we discern Truth as well as a range of other governance matters including Child Safety.  Our College continues to grow and flourish because of the generous commitment and support of many people, and for this we are so very grateful.










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