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Dolly's Day

'Speak, even if your voice shakes' was the message fourteen year old Amy “Dolly” Everett left behind in January 2018, when she took her own life after becoming a victim of ongoing cyberbullying. Online bullying can have a devastating impact on young people, whose online life is a key part of their identity and how they interact socially.

On Friday 10 May, our students stood together against bullying, making kindness the norm at our school, on the inaugural 'Do It For Dolly Day'. Our Year 12 House Captains handed out twenty five small gifts as an act of kindness, encouraging all girls who received a gift at random to pay that kindness message forward to the next person.  

Kindness can make people shine, whether you’re the person giving or receiving a kind gesture. A kind gesture has an immense transformative power, it can turn a negative experience into a positive one, build trust and promote forgiveness.  


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