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Are you an Eco Warrior?

An ever growing group of students meet each week to discuss global environmental issues and to consider ways in which the College community can take small steps to demonstrate our commitment to caring for our local environment.  

The Eco Warriors took some of their concerns to staff at a meeting on Wednesday morning.  The students expressed their concerns regarding the volume of paper used by staff on a weekly basis and presented some alternative measures which could be implemented to reduce use of paper in the classroom.   These included recommendations such as printing double sided sheets, printing only the copies needed – no extras, and not printing material where possible but using electronic copies instead.  Staff were also encouraged to reuse paper where possible. 

Also of concern to the group is the amount of rubbish left around the yard after recess and lunch times.   All students are encouraged to consider the ways in which they can express their concern for the environment through their own small actions, such as respectfully putting rubbish in the bin and limiting the amount of waste generated through the use of Nude Food, rather than single use plastic packaging.  

With Environment Week coming up in June, the Eco Warriors will be looking to raise awareness amongst the College Community about how one person can make a difference every day through the choices they make.  


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