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Susan McLean at Siena College

Responding to parent and student concerns about cyber safety can be very challenging in this day and age.  Our students have been born into an online world and we, together with parents, have a responsibility to guide young people through this space as safely as possible.  Earlier in the year, Year 7 parents heard from Dr Katie Wood about applying realistic expectations around the use of devices and balancing this with some green time.  In Year 7 Skills classes, these ideas were developed further with students.

Year 8 and 9 students had the pleasure of welcoming Susan McLean to Siena College for the first time.  Her presentation on Respect and Responsibility was straight to the point.  The session was delivered with clarity and humour and challenged all students to stop and think about what they do online and what the consequences might be for them not only today but for the rest of their lives. She recounted episodes from her extensive experience in this space, from her first report of cyberbullying in 1994 to her training with the FBI, her visit to Facebook’s HQ and her work with elite sports clubs and other organisations.  She is the most highly qualified Federal Government eSafety certified educator.

 As part of our ongoing education of students in this sphere, Year 9 students have also participated in a Brainstorm production of Verbal Combat that explores online bullying and these issues have also been raised in classes.   A key message for students is to report any issues that impact their safety and to speak openly with parents about what is happening to them.  

Parent responses to offering Ms McLean’s presentation at the College have been very supportive.  Here are just a few:

“I think this presentation is an absolutely fabulous idea and wish to extend my thanks for arranging this. Raising teenage kids is hard enough as it is, but when you throw technology in the mix, it becomes incredibly complicated and challenging…I consider pastoral care equally as important as their academics, and so support Siena in continuing to guide and inform the girls of many other social issues too…”

“Thank you - so very valuable in this era.  Really do appreciate the effort put in by the school to address this with such amazing experts.”

 If you would like some extra information on cyber-safety, please go onto our School TV page and explore some of the resources.

Uniform Standard Guidelines

Siena College adheres to Restorative Practices in managing issues regarding students in the hope that students will understand the vital role they play in the community. It is an expectation that all students are well groomed and in correct uniform at all times. When this does not occur, the following process will be followed. It allows students ample opportunity to address any uniform issues and take responsibility for their actions. Please refer to the attached Uniform Standards flowchart for further clarification:

Uniform Standards Uniform Standards (53 KB)   
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