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GAT and Practice GAT 2019

On Wednesday, 12 June at 10am, the General Achievement Test (GAT) 2019 will be conducted for all Victorian Year 12 students and Year 11s who undertake a VCE Unit 3/4 (Year 12) subject. This absolutely crucial test is used as an assessment and moderation tool by VCAA in tandem with the final examinations and the various school based results and rankings. It is effectively a vital insurance policy taken by students to ensure that their better results are preserved, especially should some unusual or unfortunate circumstances occur. All students need to provide their very best efforts so that the GAT can work as much as possible in their favour when required.

Accordingly, we will conduct an Information Session and Practice GAT during classes on Friday, 10 May. As an aptitude test, the GAT requires no formal study but practising the writing task skills is a very beneficial preparation for the day. It is externally marked and feedback reported to the girls to maximise the opportunity.

We look forward to marking these important steps in your daughters’ VCE journeys.


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