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Careers Showcase Bookings Open

The Siena College Alumnae Association will once again host the annual Careers Showcase at the College on Thursday, 13 June 2019.  This is an important event to assist your daughter/s in the initial stage of their career journey.

The Showcase will provide students and their parents with the opportunity to hear from a range of Siena Alumnae about their professional pathways.  It is designed to help students broaden their knowledge and understanding of a wide range of careers that may be of potential interest.  We are fortunate to be so well supported by our past students who are now involved in such a range of interesting and diverse careers.

To register for this event and to select your three preferred career sessions please click here

Registrations will close on Tuesday, 11 June at 9.00am.  As the Careers Showcase is extremely popular, please ensure you register by the due date so we can cater for your daughter’s interests.  

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