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Mission and Identity

It’s difficult to believe that we are drawing to the end of Term 1.  We are blessed to be moving into holidays (holy days) that will enable us to reflect upon our life of faith, hope and love across these past three months. This term our prayer life has included our Commencement Eucharist, weekly celebrations of the Eucharist, Prayer Services to mark the National Apology to the Stolen Generations and International Women’s Day and Morning Prayer in House Groups.

Students from Years 7 to 10 have commenced their Community Service Projects and the College Community has supported Catholic welfare, aid and development agencies including Caritas Australia and Vinnies. 

In the coming days Year 12 students will participate in their annual three day retreat at Pallotti College in the beautiful Yarra Ranges, Year 9 students will undertake Siena in the City with a Religious Education focus, Year 7s and 8s will imbibe the beauty of God’s creation at their respective Camps and Year 11 students will enjoy a Retreat Day facilitated by the Reach Foundation Team. 

We have offered hospitality, sought and received forgiveness and recognised God’s hand at work in our lives through the daily practice of Pause and Pray.  Our personal life of faith and the mission of the College integrates our head, heat and hands and is given expression in a myriad of personal and collective ways.  I hope and trust that all members of the Siena Community can reflect back over the term through God’s eyes and heart.

Marking Easter

Palm Sunday
People around the world march on Palm Sunday to advocate for peace and justice for all.  For Christians it is a reminder that Jesus made his triumphal entry into Jerusalem only to be shunned and crucified a few days later.  Members of the Siena college community are invited to gather under the College banner on Sunday, 14 April, just outside the State Library in Melbourne. This is not an official school event and teachers present will be at the Palm Sunday Rally as private citizens, not as supervising teachers.

The holiest days of the Church’s calendar occur at the end of the Term 1 holidays.  Please check your parish bulletin or website for details.  Many parishes also hold the Rite of Reconciliation in the lead up to the Triduum. 

Ethical Easter Eggs
I encourage you to consider purchasing Ethical Easter Eggs this Easter

Which chocolate Easter eggs are ethical?

Much of the chocolate that finds its way into our shops and homes is made with cocoa from plantations that use trafficked children. They are kidnapped or their families are tricked, forced to work in the cocoa plantations from an early age, for long hours, in dangerous working conditions, without any possibility of attending school. 

A global movement has begun to change this. The movement tackles poverty and empowers producers who are doing the right thing. Farmers operating with Fairtrade Certification, Rainforest Alliance or UTZ Certified are engaging in good labour practices. 

Stop the Traffik is a worldwide organisation dedicated to abolishing human trafficking – its report, The Good Egg Guide, has a list of ethical chocolate brands and Easter eggs and products that are free from trafficked labour. These include:

  • Aldi's UTZ Certified Dairy Fine, Choceur, Moser Roth and Specially Selected Easter chocolate ranges.
  • Chocolatier Australia's Fairtrade milk and dark chocolate 100g eggs, available through Coles, Woolworths, David Jones and other chocolate suppliers.
  • Coles also has a range of branded UTZ, Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance-certified Easter chocolates.
  • Devine chocolate eggs and bunnies are Fairtrade certified, and are available through IGA, other selected stores and online. 

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