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Year 8 Robogals Stem Excursion

Twelve of our Year 8 Siena students participated in the Robogals Middle School Robotics Workshop and Competition accompanied by Ms Libby Moore and Ms Marianne De Luise. This event took place on Wednesday, 27 February at the University of Melbourne. The day began with the students learning about robotic engineering and then working in teams to engage in a friendly competition. This event was designed to increase students’ awareness and knowledge of engineering, science and technology, as well as developing skills in communication, collaboration and critical thinking. The accounts below have been written by two of the attending students and capture the excitement and learning that took place on the day.

Student Reflections

I absolutely loved my day at Robogals. I really enjoyed learning about all of the aspects of engineering and how to code robots. Before Robogals, I didn’t know how many things in our world today are included in an area of engineering, and that really opened my mind up to all of the career paths you can have as an engineer. I really liked using the ultrasonic sensors, which sense objects in front of the robot, as it was really cool to see robots navigate their way through obstacle courses. Overall, it was an amazing day and we all learnt lots about coding and engineering.
Jessica Higgins

Robogals was a fantastic opportunity and I really appreciated learning about all the different types of engineering, and the skills you would need to code robots. I learnt how engineering is applied in our everyday lives and how important it is. Engineering makes our world function better, safer and makes our lives easier such as a bridge or a tunnel. Thanks to Robogals I now have a different insight into how things work and how things are designed and made. After this experience I think engineering might be something I would like to consider as a career option.
Emma Brunton


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