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Log in issues Siena Central

We are receiving several emails and calls a day with parents unable to login to the Siena Central Portal to update "My Details" and so forth.  Often, parents report that they are able to login to Siena Central but then get a white screen when proceeding into My Details, Finance tabs etc.  

Most issues are caused by old, outdated devices, unsupported browsers and parents using auto login which has saved their child’s details.

Update My Details, Finance and Payment Plans use an advanced authentication method to check the user’s details for permission. Your device will need the following minimum requirements to access these services.  

  • PC’s Windows 10 operating system, with the latest version of Google Chrome.
  • Internet Explorer and Windows Edge are not support browsers.
  • Apple Mac MacOS Mojave with the latest version of Safari or Google chrome.
  • IPad IOS 12
  • Stable Wi-Fi connection

 If your device meets these minimum requirements and the web browser does not load, try these solutions.

1. Use Google Chrome or Safari web browsers to login to Siena Central.
2. Clear the browsing history, close all tabs, close the browser and restart your device. 
3. Login manually with your supplied parent user details, this insures that the browser does not try and automatically sign in with a previously used student Siena Central Account. 
4. Use incognito or private browsing modes if the computer is shared with family members. 

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