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Sporting News

It has been a busy start to Term 1 Sport with Indoor Cricket, Softball, Tennis, Swimming and Diving all commencing training in Week 1. Our Senior Girls had their first round of competition on Monday with the Softball team winning 14-9 against Firbank and our Indoor Cricket teams both winning against MLC by over 80 runs.

I would like to congratulate Ashling O’Farrell who has been selected in the Victorian Under 15 Girls’ cricket team which will play in the National Championships in Canberra from Tuesday 19 to Wednesday 27 February. We wish her luck and look forward to hearing of her experience.

Term 2 sign ups for GSV sport are now open. Students have received an email outlining which sports are available and explaining the application process. Girls have a week to sign up via an online form and entries close on Wednesday, 20 February.

We now have a Social Run Club on Wednesday mornings. We encourage all girls to join us for a short run/walk around the local area. We meet at 7.30am outside the gym with Nick Baggott, Siena College’s Cross Country coach and aim to be back at school by 8.10am.

Please continue to check in with your daughter regarding GSV sport. We rely on the girls passing information to their parents and emphasise this in any emails sent to them. You can also access our sport page on Siena Central for the latest information. I thank you for your patience and understanding over the last couple of weeks whilst we organised our Term 1 sport program.

Please note there are several girls who still require permission to participate in Term 1 GSV sports. You will receive an email from Care Monkey reminding you to give permission. We are unable to take your daughter off the school campus without parental consent, so please ensure you access your account as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email our sport team at and they will be pleased to assist.


James Houghton 

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