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From the Archives

Snow in Camberwell! Who would believe that?

We have proof in a photo taken of Siena in 1951. It is an iconic image for us. The dictionary definition of iconic is 'an image that brings to mind an event or location, often with emotional impact, for people in a given time, place or culture.'

Many of our iconic images are, of course, of our students and they are especially dear to us. There are also photos of buildings that we recognise as significant in our history and which, for the students and staff of that era, and for us now, have a strong emotional impact. 

The 1958 photo is particularly special. Siena is nestled within, and seemingly protected from the outside world by pine trees. Two girls are playing tennis and other students and staff are relaxing in the background. Why is the red van at the entrance to the school? Perhaps it is delivering furniture or groceries. Whatever the case, it helps illustrate that Siena was and is, not only a physical landmark but also relevant to and wholly engaged in our in Camberwell community.

In the years to come, what will future generations of our Siena community consider to be their iconic images?

Maria Ang and Maureen McAuley
College Archivists


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