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From the Principal

We celebrated the feast of St Dominic on Tuesday, August 7 and gave thanks for Dominican preaching over more than eight hundred years. St. Dominic was a priest who lived in the thirteenth century in Europe. He studied hard and was a man of constant prayer. He was said to be a deeply caring person who gave a lot of thought to the needs and concerns of others.  As we celebrated St Dominic’s Day, we reflected on the part each of us plays at Siena College and in our global family.  We are all called to be parts of one body in Christ, people who dream of a better world and share God’s love for all people. That requires honesty and self reflection about how we treat others, and how we are called to live a truly human life as Jesus showed us.  

Our College Chaplain, Father Kevin Toomey presided at our St Dominic’s Day Mass, reminding us all to be inspired by St Dominic's life and guiding principles:

‘(Dominic) was salt to the earth and a light to the world during his short but eventful life. I hope today that you will take some time to think, “What is it that I am learning at Siena that I will take forward into my future life: is it the beauty of Jesus, or the goodness of each human being and their dignity; or how to reach out to the poor? or some other value that you cherish? Whatever it is, may each one of you think of yourselves as salt and light to our needy world. I know in God’s great love for you God will delight to see you as stars, the bearers of God’s light. As you do this, you will be living out your school motto, VERITAS - truth.’

We continue to pray for each other, for our Dominican family in Camberwell, the Sisters, the Friars, the parishioners of St Dominic’s, our Siena community, and for Dominicans round the world, particularly those in places like Iraq, Israel and Palestine and for all who are confronted by war and violence at this time.  

This week, we launched our #sienaspirit campaign, with our school leaders joining me in signing their names to a banner which will eventually hold all of the signatures of our 2018 cohort.  Additionally, our development and marketing team have been hard at work promoting our College with an exciting new outdoor campaign.  Billboards will appear over the coming months in our local community, Chadstone Shopping Centre and of course, here at the College and on our social media platforms.  I hope you enjoy these new images and our thanks go to the students who gave their time to participate in the photographic shoot.

After five sold-out shows of 'A Chorus Line' our cast and crew are enjoying a well earned break and my appreciation is extended to the many staff who assisted out of hours to ensure the production was such a great success.  It was a wonderful example of our 2018 College theme, ‘One Body, Many Parts’, with so many students and staff contributing to backstage support, lighting, the orchestra or the singers and dancers.  Their commitment to many hours of rehearsals culminated in a wonderful production.  I'm sure that all who enjoyed the show would agree with me that the talent on display was truly extraordinary.

Please enjoy this week’s news.


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